Most common wedding etiquette mistakes

Most people spend all their growing up days dreaming about how their wedding day would be, they dream about how perfect their special day is going to turn out. The colour for the occasion, the bride’s dress, the food and drinks and how fun-filled the day would be. Weddings are fun especially if so much goes into the planning of the day but if it is not properly planned, it could lead to so many disappointments. As so many other events have etiquettes, a wedding occasion has etiquettes that must also be followed. Etiquettes are expected behaviour towards a particular event. 

The following are the wedding etiquette mistakes most people make

  1. Not following the RSVP

The RSVP popularly used on a wedding invitation card comes from a French phrase repondez s’il vous plait which means “please reply”. This is a request that you reply notifying the event planner if you would make it to the wedding or not. The reply to this invite is very important as this help the planner create a reservation for you or take you off the list of a guest. So when next you get an invitation, respond to the RSVP.

  1. Assuming you can invite someone

Most people fall under this category, they tend to personally invite someone to an event that is not theirs, and this is a no-no. If you need to attend with someone, when responding to the RSVP, notify the planners of your intention to bring along someone and ensure they approve of it before you do.

  1. Do not wear white

This has been a rule over the years but it still stands true. It is important to avoid wearing white to someone’s wedding. A wedding day is assumed the bride’s day so avoid wearing clothes that would distract people from the bride. It is her day, let her have all the attention that she wants except if the bride says the theme for her wedding is white then you are free to come in white.

  1. Do not come empty

Going to a wedding requires you to get a gift no matter how small it is, as far as it is a valued item. Going for a wedding without a gift is inappropriate as this tends to show how less you value the couple and you wouldn’t want that, would you? So plan for the gift item ahead of time.

  1. Avoid social media

We all know this is the age of social media, but it is wrong to post pictures of couples on social media before they do. Don’t take away that opportunity from them, let them be the first to post their pictures on social media and also remember that they have professionals that have been hired to give them that picture-perfect look so, keep your phone aside and let the professionals do their job.

  1. Don’t forget to greet your guest

This goes for the couple, we all know having a wedding could be stressful but take out time to greet your guests at the wedding. Let them know how happy you are to have them honour your invitation. 

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